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Het oeuvre van beeldend kunstenaar Han Rameckers toont zijn unieke blik op de huidige tijdgeest. De experimentele en speelse aanpak, het gebruik van onconventionele materialen en een breed scala aan kunstvormen, technieken en kleuren vormen de leidraad van Rameckers werk. Met zijn schilderijen, installaties van afval en gebruikte voorwerpen, tekeningen en aquarelen nodigt hij de kijker uit tot een maatschappelijk gesprek: “What are we doing here?”

Isabel Ferreira de Sousa

Experiencing the work of the artist Han Rameckers can only be done by placing it right in the heart of life. The artist’s primary aim seems to be that life in general and his work in particular, should be enjoyed to the full and that we should not lose ourselves to obsessive detailism. Reviewing the works one notices that the work can as easily be a sculpture, painting, reproduction, text, installation or photo.

The used materials are almost conventional, in each case simply handcrafted. We overlook the work of a village boy, who be way of the city almost effortlessly travels the globel village. Beside the diversity in format the works offer a great spectrum of conceptuel main points.

In general this work aims to please esthetically while it also suggestt referring to important questions of life with a fair amount of malicious playfulness. The way these vital questions are reflected show a critical mind in a happy nature. Above all, it tries to convey the intention that any answer to life’s mysteries will not be revealed here and now. We have to accept this without subcoming to the unbearable lightness of being.

Of these heavy themes only the edges, the shiny outside, is shown. The world anno 2002 consists of about 6 bilion worlds, after all. 

Mathieu Bruls, Januari 2002


It’s only Art

A work of art by Han Rameckers makes no demands, it doesn’t ask anything from you and does not impose itself upon you either. It just exists.
This doesn’t mean it is averse to attention. On the contrary. A painting made up entirely of fake-precious stones? Hundreds of plastic cartoon figurines on a protest march? This wants to be seen! And yet, these works are so independent by themselves, it appears that they do not need to be shown in public.
Free from the burden that they are one with the world

Art is a way of life, an openness to the world from within. With everything that this entails in terms of poetry and rawness, vanity and elation, longing and inadequacy.
The works of Han Rameckers penetrate playfully and casually into an astounding existence. An existence that is the product of the imagination and can therefore only be lived as art.
Children and animals understand this already, now it’s the grown-ups turn.

It is this way of seeing, natural and firm, that speaks through all of his work. There is no need for further meaning making. What we see is life itself, unadorned and unpretentious, full of beauty. Something only art can do.

Art and art only.

Ko van Dun, March 2017